Help your school and environment in a fun way.

When your kids are finished with their Lunchables, the Lunchables boxes are hardly finished. You can help recycle or upcycle them into new products by joining the TerraCycle Lunch Kit Brigade® team. It's easy, and you earn money for your kids' school. You also teach them to care for the environment. That's something every mother can feel good about. Especially Mother Earth.

  1. Sign Up

    Join the cause at TerraCycle.net. You can learn more about what they do and start to earn money for your school.

  2. Save + Send

    Get the word out, get fellow parents and students involved, and collect lunch kits in TerraCycle's Lunch Kit Brigade bin. When it's full, send it to TerraCycle free of charge.

  3. See Results

    The money you earn gets put to good use at your kids' school. The lunch kits are turned into everything from picnic tables to tote bags. The positive impact makes it all worth your while.